The best dryer for your hair

Guys, the variety of threads, colors and types of hair is a challenge for professionals and manufacturers, isn't it?! They always have to create products that treat the most varied types of hair. Thinking about it, when choosing a dryer, it must be difficult. So, I separated some tips for you. For further details, go here: quiet hair dryer


What to look for when buying a dryer


Power: can vary from 1,000 to 2,000 watts. The higher the power, the greater the amount of hot air released and the drying of the hair is faster. It has a rule that can help you: for wavy and straight hair, up to 1,600 watts will do the job. For curly hair, dryers with more than 1,800 watts of power are ideal.


Speeds and Temperatures: each type of dryer has a setting that gives a different result. So, if you want to style your hair you can use a high temperature, and if you just want to finish you can use a cooler one.


Weight: who has medium or long hair should opt for the lighter models, see?! Otherwise, 15 minutes after drying begins, you may experience pain in your arms.


Size: each model has its advantages and disadvantages. The compacts fit in any corner of the bag, are lighter and adapt better to your hand, but due to their low power they are not suitable for drying every day, just for emergencies. Like that weekend trip. Since the professional models are larger, they have more functions (ions, tourmaline, ceramics, LED, Nano Silver), greater power and more efficient accessories.


Design: the design follows a more or less classic pattern. Keep an eye on the materials that make the footprint safer and more comfortable.


Voltage: guys, this is super important! Prefer the bivolts models, so you don't run the risk of not working on a certain trip you take!


Noise: Ibama and Inmetro regulated power to 80 decibels (dB). So, look at the manufacturer's information.

Infrared rays: some models release infrared rays, which penetrate the hair from the inside out quickly, leaving them naturally hydrated, shiny and healthy.


Ceramic coated straightener plates: did you know that when heated, ceramic balls distribute heat better and maintain a constant temperature. They emit infrared rays that clean and dry your hair much faster.


Negative ions: they neutralize static electricity and close the hair cuticles. The hair looks brighter, healthier, silky and with less frizzy hair.


Cold air: when used as a finish, close the scales of the threads, providing more shine, avoid excessive dryness and improve the fixation of the hairstyle.


Nanotechnology Titanium: it looks cool, the dryers that rely on this technology reduce bacteria and fungi present in the air, providing a jet of purer air, resulting in a more hygienic drying and cleaner hair.


Nozzles, centralizers, drivers, brushes and other accessories: help direct the passage of air, facilitating hairstyles.


There are two types:

Diffusers: they are round, they distribute the air evenly. It gives straight hair a natural volume; to curly, greater definition of curls; and wavy, less volume.

Concentrators: directs the air to a specific area, making the brush more efficient.

But what do you need to think about before buying the best dryer?

If you travel a lot and usually take the dryer, choose portable , smaller, lighter and, who knows, even foldable models. Also keep an eye on the issue of different voltages in the outlets.