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  How to get the most out of the teleclass.

Here are a few handy tips to get the most from the call.

1. Mark the call and the call instructions on your calendar. Or schedule an appointment with yourself on your phone!

2. Find a quiet spot about 5-10 minutes before the start of the call. It's helpful if you have a headset, so you can be "hands free" to take notes during the call.

3. At the time of the call, dial in using the weekly call instructions. Let us know you've joined us! It's fun to get to know others pursuing similar interests!

4. Once you've identified yourself, please mute yourself, by either pressing the mute button on your phone, or you can press *6 to mute yourself. If you want to speak later, press *6 again and you'll be unmuted. The leader of the call can also mute the entire group if necessary while in lecture mode.

5. Taking notes is a powerful way to amplify your learning, as well as locking down key points we discuss on the calls. Be sure to jot down your questions too, so they can be addressed at the end of the call.

6. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE LIVE CALL. Check out the call instructions and after the live instructions, you'll see the way to access the recording after the call. The recording will be up for 7 days. If you found the call particularly interesting, this is a great feature to review the call to take better notes or refresh you memory of key concepts.