Coaching with Kelle Phillips

Since the topic of “consciousness” is so abstract and ephemeral, it can be hard to talk about it or to understand how we can work with it. One of the purposes of Inner Communications INC. is to make the esoteric, tangible and malleable. And a great way to start to learn how this is done is through one-on-one telephone sessions with Kelle Phillips.

These sessions fit the category of Coaching, but are much more! Each session, regardless of type, involves a transformation within your Inner Communication SystemTM of some kind, dependent on the challenges you are currently facing. A good analogy for these sessions, is having a chiropractic adjustment, of a bone that is just slightly out of alignment. Once the alignment is restored, your body can work efficiently. Similarly, in these sessions, we make alignments of your Inner Communication SystemTM so that it the flow of consciousness is restored and the assets of that flow are reaching your intended goals.

Coaching Session Types

There are several ways to work with me, based on the challenges you are facing. If you're new to Inner Communications, INC. register for the Complimentary Diagnostic with Kelle to see what sessions and courses will best support your goals and success!

Complimentary Diagnostic Session with Kelle (30 minutes)

In this free telephone session, take some time to speak with Kelle about your goals, intentions and challenges you're facing. With her 15 years of one-on-one client experience, she can discern where your Inner Communication SystemTM is working well for you and where it is not yet optimized! Suggestions for types of sessions, as well as recommendations of courses that can best support your long term success will be discussed.

Clarity Session: Working with the Conscious Self (30 minutes)

The Conscious Self is the part of the Inner Communication SystemTM that appears to be most dominant. It’s the part that witnesses the world through our eyes, is constantly chattering, and feels it is completely in charge. This is our rational self, the “thinker” brain, if you will. In coaching sessions, we will discuss your goals and how you are thinking about them, in order to elicit incompatible beliefs or breaks in logic, as these subconscious factors can limit your clarity. Constructing appropriate affirmations which align with the Laws of Consciousness and support the rest of your communication system, are also part of these sessions, so the innate power your Conscious Mind has to focus energy and attention, can be unleashed.

Emotional Elevation Session: Working with the Basic Self (45 minutes)

The Basic Self is the part of the Inner Communication SystemTM which includes the body, the energy field, the subconscious (and unconscious) mind, your memories, emotions and sentient feelings. This is also where all action and motivation comes from! About 99% of my coaching sessions usually are about how to get the Basic Self “in line” to support your objectives. In these sessions, we’ll start with a quick BlueGrid(R) meditation (3 minutes) to get our Higher Selves in sync, then I’ll guide you how to elicit what your Basic Self is trying to communicate to you. Then we’ll align the communication system to get the Basic Self to receive what it needs for success. All resistance and lack of motivation are due to incomplete/incorrect communications between the 3 selves, or a perception of lack within the Basic Self. Once we address these “lacks” or “breaks,” the Basic Self is free to step back up into action mode, and your emotional state will be uplifted.

Higher Guidance: Working with the Higher Self (45 minutes)

The Higher Self is the part of the Inner Communication SystemTM that is your spiritual or transcendent Self. It is the reservoir of all of your potentials and realizations. Think of the best of all you’ve been, all you are and all you’ll be. It’s always trying to support you, nourish you, protect you, heal you and guide you. Most people want higher guidance to help them make good choices, but they don’t understand the Laws of Consciousness which govern working with the Higher Self. It’s not about “rules” per se, but rather understanding that that level of consciousness and life force requires certain principles to create win-win situations for All of Life. In these sessions, we’ll start with a quick BlueGrid(R) meditation (3 minutes) to get our Higher Selves in sync, then I’ll ask you what you are working on, or your intentions. Then, I guide you through some visualizations to elicit whether the Higher Self is “on board” with that intention or not. Knowing if your goals are supported by your Higher Self can save you a lot of time and heart ache down the road, because we can create from the level of the ego mind, or we can work in partnership with the Higher Self. The former may have some success, but at a cost. The latter may be a bit slower but the results are more sustainable, more successful and create more fulfillment. Using the BlueGrid(R) meditation, we systematically “shift” the consciousness blueprint of your goal until it’s in harmony with your Higher Self. The Higher Self may also provide input on your goals throughout the process. Another application of this session, is to solicit direct energy-intelligence from your Higher Self reservoir to bring to any situation or problem you are facing.

Get on Track! (60 minutes)

In these sessions, you'll present your goal or intention, and we'll systematically work to align your system to the goal. Note that often your goal may be at odds with other values or intentions you have, which is why you are experiencing resistance, lack of motivation or outright self sabotaging behaviors. These are just symptoms of conflicting goals that cause the system to be at odds with itself. Note that if this is your situation it will require adjusting those competing intentions, or working through additional sessions. Overall, the ultimate outcome of these sessions is to bring your system in harmony working FOR you, creating flow in your life. If you feel you need an "everything" session, sign up for this one!

6 Session Package of Emotional Elevation Sessions

Our lives have become so busy and hectic, and the demands upon our time and attention can cause us to put our needs last. The paradox is that if we "feed" our energy needs first, then we have a "full tank" to better meet our obligations and activities to AVOID getting run down and God-forbid to the point of LOSING energy. For about the price of a massage, you can receive lasting transformational energy from your Higher Self each month to keep your energy field refreshed, allowing your Higher Self to proactively support you.

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