"Block Busting" One on One Sessions with Kelle!

The trouble with blocks is that often we may KNOW what we need to do, but we just can’t do it! It’s like trying to scratch our own backs!

And the more successful you are, or the more time you have invested in self development, the blocks can be much more subtle and comprehensive, so it’s SO helpful to have someone to help you over and/or through them.

introducing my one-on-one "BLOCK BUSTING" Sessions
where you can say BYE BYE to being stuck forever!

Block Busting Sessions, 45 minutes, $90

In these sessions, I help you dismantle mental and/or emotional blocks which are holding you back in some way. We start with a 3 minute meditation to get focused, and then you present the challenges you’re facing. Then we get to work bringing your own higher consciousness resources to the issue, allowing the reasons for the block to be made evident. Then we align your higher consciousness with your lower mind (where the blocks occur) so that a healing transformation can occur. These sessions are great for blocks involved focus, motivation, fears, insecurities, lack of flow, and just plain being “stuck.” Click here to register.

“I was guided to work with Kelle because she was recommended as the best of the best - someone who’s teachings really work.”

  • D.T., Sound Healer, Author

Block Busting on Steroids, 60 min, $120

If you are facing a more complex situation, you are dealing with spiritual blocks, or you are participating in my advanced courses, these sessions are for you! We’ll do everything covered in the Block Busting Sessions, but from a more elevated, comprehensive position of consciousness. In these sessions, we’ll be accessing the reserves and solutions within your own higher consciousness, but adding the “steroids” of the consciousness principles of the Soul. Click here to register.

“I feel like I really pierced a barrier from the last time we worked together. Ever since then, I have been so grateful for everything. I also feel renewed strength and certainty, like a reset button was pushed. It’s truly a breakthrough!”

- J.A., Artist

Block Busting Power Pack, 6 x 45 min sessions, $450

Purchase this 6 pack of sessions to really commit to getting past your blocks and back on track in a BIG way! Once you register, you’ll be provided with a code which you’ll use to schedule your sessions at your convenience. A great investment in yourself, with a discount! Click here to register.

“Kelle is so gifted at removing mental blocks that stop us from pursuing our heart’s desire! Although intellectually I knew what to do, I felt like I had one foot on the gas, and one foot on the brake simultaneously. She helped me remove the blocks to finally move forward and pursue my passion.”

-Linda P. Jones, Be Wealthy and Smart


All sessions are conducted over the phone. Given we work with your Higher Consciousness, we can use the principle of non-locality (i.e. not being in the same room) to effect the shifts. I’ll initiate all calls at the time you select. If you are outside of the US and Canada, I’ll have you initiate the calls so you can more accurately predict the time zone difference. : )